Workshop Facilitator

Whether you have ten or one hundred participants, Suzette is experienced in developing hands on workshops that bring out the creativity in the group. Let her know what your goal is and she can develop an engaging art experience.


Group Sessions

Creative Arts and Expressive Journaling for teens is Suzette's specialty. Through the process of drawing prompts, journaling with the non-dominant hand and group sharing are powerful tools to lower teen stresses and negative self image.


Teaching Consultant

Suzette has a vast range of teaching experience. She is available for developing programs, training staff and providing advocacy in developing long range goals for instruction.


Fine Artist

Contact Suzette with your ideas for special projects in your community. She has provided assistance for murals, mosaics and scarecrow festivals in community settings. She has solo and group shows of her works in a variety of locations.

Art Coaching

Suzette can help you find your creative mojo through fun, low stress projects that explore process over product. Suzette will walk you through the Visioning® process to get past blocks and reach your goals.